I’m Brandy, and I am thrilled you stopped by my corner of blogland!  quirkyginger is a space designated for letting the voices inside my head come out (I’m not crazy, promise). Here, you’ll find my musings on full-time 5th wheel living with four pups and my Etsy shop ideas, as well as an avalanche of tips, rants and raves, encouragement, and (hopefully) a laugh. Most of my posts will cover pretty much whatever comes to my head be warned though, I tend to I rattle on about random topics.

Fun Facts

I’m 25 years old, and currently residing in colorful Colorado. Recently, I was diagnosed with Meniere’s disease and it has caused me to have severe hearing loss. I felt incredibly isolated so I decided to turn to books, and words, and creating with my hands and that’s where I started my shop (check it out here). Somewhere along the way my husband and I decided that the normal everyday way of living just wasn’t for us, so we sold our house, bought a 5th wheel, and started living in it with our four fur babies.

My co-adventurer

My co-adventurer

Why I Blog

I’m blogging as a way to share some of my thoughts and trials through 5th wheel living and being an Esty shop owner. Some of my findings were due to blogs just like mine and if I can help or entertain one person, then this was all worth it.

Hopefully, there is something on my page that interests you. Either way,  thank you reader for coming along for the ride.



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