I’m Brandy, and I am thrilled you stopped by my corner of blogland!  quirkyginger is a space designated for letting the voices inside my head come out (I’m not crazy, promise). Here, you’ll find ideas, tips, rants and raves, encouragement, and (hopefully) a laugh. Most of my posts will cover pretty much whatever comes to my head be warned though, I tend to I rattle on about random topics.

Fun Facts

I’m 23 years old, and currently residing in colorful Colorado.  I am hard of hearing, have self-published a poetry novel, and have eight tattoos (though I want probably sixteen more). My husband and I are coming up on our fourth wedding anniversary in June, which means I got hitched at the early age of 19! We have 3 amazing dogs -Hankerton (Hank for short), Bruno, Newt. They are my four legged babies so there may be times when a ton of photos are posted into a post just for showing off purposes. Kinda like right now!



IMG_0921 IMG_0791


I am a homebody, writer, avid reader, movie goer, a singer, a opinionist, a doodler, a iphone gamer- the list goes on.  When I watch a new series on Netflix I tend to binge watch the entire series over a few days time, then get depressed when it is over (anybody with me?).

Some of my favorite things are spontaneous dates with my husband, curling up with a good book, the TV show iZombie (though it might go down on my list with the new Shadow Hunters show), recreating Pinterest pins (badly, I must say), and singing loudly in the car with the music blasting. SO, if you see a Fiat 500 driving next to you with the music on WAY too loud and a ginger driving- It might just be me!

I am the daughter to the most amazing woman I know. AND I am married to a man that not only keeps me sane, but makes me laugh every day. On good days, I don’t even want to hit him with a limp noodle! Speaking of…


My co-adventurer 



My husband, Josh, is brilliant, inspiring, and infuriating. I won’t get all gooey and gush about our entire love story here… but here are a few highlights:

– We met in a hospital where we were both working in Amarillo, Texas.

– He said I love you after 2 weeks, purposed after 2 months, and 4 months later we were married (so a total of 6 months). Like the saying goes- when you know, you know.

– We make silly bets often which I usually win. (i.e. I bet you can’t shove 10 marshmallows in your mouth. Currently, I’m betting for him to lose an eyebrow.)

-Our wedding was circus themed and I refused to wear heels, instead I wore converse.

-He pretended he wouldn’t hit me when we cut the cake but it was a lie! I ended up tinted green afterwards (don’t fear ladies I got him back)!


Here’s a look:



Look at this Hottie!




Why I blog

I’m blogging as a way to share some of my thoughts( I have way too many just inside my head), and to kickstart my writing.

I’m in school to get a BA in writing then possibly a MA. Hopefully, there is something on my page that interests you! Thank you reader for coming along for the ride.



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