Podcasts Are Like Mondays

Morning Monday-ers,

Topic for today’s post: Podcasts. Opinions? Not for me. Again, the lack of captions and ability to see someone’s lips throw me off, however, Maggie does have a podcast page. I admit it. I couldn’t listen to them so I have no idea how great they are personally. BUT she does have a Twitter page for her podcast show, on top of her Twitter page for herself. 268 followers for her podcast “Creek Daze” is still pretty impressive.

As a side note, she has 891 followers on her personal Twitter, which I consider to be great. Her last post being a photo of a cat on fire wearing a shirt, and with a tiny man inside the pocket. The words on the photo say, “In the Pocket of The Animal on Fire… Whaddaya Gonna Do?!” Which is only made funnier by the photo’s caption that says, “When u clean yr room and unearth the greatest book you never wrote.” Check it out here.

Could this be another novel idea in the making?

“Ironically, in today’s marketplace successful nonfiction has to be unbelievable, while successful fiction must be believable.” -Jerry B. Jenkins




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