Onion Layers Anyone?

Howdy Readers,

I decided to read Maggie Thrash’s short stories today (found here). Not 100% a requirement, but when in Rome, right? Besides, I suck at creative nonfiction, and she has some awards under her belt. A good reader makes for a good writer. Behold that this page took me to another page and to another. The story was there, but man, that’s a lot of layers. They even went to another site called Rookie where there were more stories like Maggie’s.

The first story I read was “Don’t Shout It Out” (here), which caught my attention with its swell first line, “I hate you. I want to kill you. Ha ha just kidding!” AND its interesting quote “NEVER EVER tell the truth about your feelings, because people will pretty much run for their lives.” You guys know how I like me some quotes. If you don’t, see the bottom of any of my post, including this one.

Anyways, “Don’t Shout It Out” was cute. I was there in the moment, and I could see what Maggie was describing. The tone and voice were even right on point for me. I don’t read a lot of nonfiction, but I do read a lot of young adult, and she had me interested. Next, I read “the Surge We Need” and the others. I was taken to another page each time. A new site even, but I felt like I was just peeling the layers back.

I checked out her novels again. Honor Girl is a coming of age story, and We Know It Was You is about teen suicide. Both relevant topics, both are YA lit, both are nonfiction. I mean, these are things we experience now. Things I’m experiencing now. Things she has gone through. Plus, these aren’t easy topics to write about or talk about. Sometimes, they are tear jerkers… I feel like maybe Maggie is showing me just how much I can relate to creative nonfiction. I thought I couldn’t. But I kinda feel like the more I go through Maggie’s blog, the more layers I’m peeling away from her. But also, the more layers I’m peeling away from defining creative nonfiction.

“All that non-fiction can do is answer questions. It’s fiction’s business to ask them.” -Richard Hughes





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