Denver’s Bubble Run!

Howdy Readers!

As promised in a few posts back I went to the Denver Bubble Run today which was awesome! Believe it or not, I thought I might be too out of shape to complete it unless I walked the entire thing. Lucky for me, I have good friends who push me to do more than I think I can. So we walked some and ran some and considered making bubble angels in the bogs of colored bubbles (sadly, it’s in the rules that you can’t do this).


Our packet of goodies


Our ‘before’ photo:) Look at those white shirts.

So I woke up this morning telling myself I should just stay in bed and sleep. But I got up and drove with my girl Lindsey to one of the Community College Campuses for the run. For $20 they gave us a t-shirt, a head band,a face tattoo, and a number to pin to the shirt. I was happy for the white shirt and the tattoo. We then trekked to the starting line (which honestly probably added another mile). Every one was standing around waiting for the run and we stretched on the grass. You don’t wanna pull something running through bubbles!


Just before the race starts.


Almost halfway and I was just shocked at how many people showed up!


Lindsey and I, right before.


A lovely group of ladies let me take their photo. Aren’t the tutus amazing?

They let us go in waves of people and have five bogs (or places) to run through to get covered head to feet in bubbles. White, pink, blue, green, and yellow bubbles and I am not exaggerating when I say you are covered. At one point, Lindsey turned to call for me because she lost me for a moment in the bubble bog and got a mouth full of soapy goodness. It was great!


Finish line! Yeah buddy!


She had a blast!


After shot:)

We ran across the finish line feeling accomplished and soggy. Let me tell you-your t-shirt is dyed, your skin is dyed,  your hair is dyed, and your shoes will never be the same again. I would recommend this run for anyone who wants some good clean fun (wink wink), and as a plus it’s not too long at 5K to bring the kiddos. Just make sure they get glasses or perhaps something to cover their mouths.


They had another bog after the race and we went and played in the bubbles.


Caught in the bog of bubbles!!!!

Ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it. 
-Lou Holtz

It was a blast and I can’t wait till next time. Did anyone else do the Bubble Run?? I would love to see other photos!



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