Chivalry Isn’t Dead. You Just Started Settling For Less.

Hello there Readers,

Not to be gender specific but this post is mostly directed to the ladies in the room. And just like the title of this lovely post says- Chivalry is not dead.


After just finishing up a huge final in my Middle Ages class for chivalry I feel compelled to explain why chivalry is not dead. Perhaps, if you are thinking that the word chivalry means to stand up for public order, not flee in battle, give over their life for the common good but that is MIDDLE AGE chivalry ladies!  Goodness, even the term Knight-in-shining-armor tells us that we are looking for someone to sweep up off our feet and ride off into the sunset. That is for movies and books, not real life! If you are looking for someone who is brave, courtly, valiant, courageous, and heroic stop holding your standards so high. A man doesn’t need to jump in front of a car for you but not doing so does’t mean he isn’t brave or heroic. Standing by your side, opening a door for you, calling you beautiful- those all are things that make him chivalrous!

If you don’t have someone like that I recommend getting outta there fast or working on training them. Every woman- or man for that matter- deserves someone willing to treat them with respect. Chivalry has persisted overtime because it simply means treating others, with courtesy, compassion and respect. That’s it!  Aretha Franklin had it right when she belted out R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Enough with this chivalry is out of style, perhaps you’re looking in the wrong places because ether are still men out there willing to take that extra step.

In fact, at my college they are even starting a club about writing a “new code” for men and “manhood.” You can check out the new “gentlemen’s” club flyer over on my twitter feed- here.


Not good enough? Guys- need some help? Women- don’t know what to look for? Head over to the blog and check out their post 21 Lost Gentleman Traditions That Still Apply Today- here.

“A intelligent man will open your mind, a handsome man will open your eyes, but a gentleman will open your heart.”

Spread the word- chivalry is Not Dead!

and let me know what you think of post about gentlemen’s traditions.



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