Ten Laughs to Get you Through Finals

Readers, Procrastinators, and Boredom Goers alike!

The time is now. Spring semester for college is coming to a close and finals are banging so hard on the doors they are just hanging by the hinges! Our motivation is slowly trickling away by each passing page we flip through to study.

SO heres a little pick me up.

1. Cleaning doesn’t really happen at your place anymore since you have no time. In fact  you’ve probably begun using the cup from your Cup of Noodles to eat the ramen out of the baggies.


2. Your wallet has started to remind you of an onion- every time you open it it makes you cry due to lack of cash.


3. Your number of days between showers increases so much that there may actually be birds nesting in your hair.


4. Taking notes for class has turned into this:


5. Your meals are either takeout or 100 percent microwaveable.


6. You have piles of stuff you need to get done, yet your eyes just gloss over every time you try to study, now you just stare into space.


7. You have no time for washing clothes so you just spend the extra $15 to buy fresh pants to wear.

8. You’ve calculated every single one of your semester grades in case you bomb the final exams.


9. Coffee is not working for you anymore.


10. When people brag about not having finals, you want to hurt them.


Hope you got a chuckle, guys. Stick it out!

Good things come to people who wait, but better things come to those who go out and get them. ~Anonymous



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