Bubble Run 5k “A Good Clean Run”

People of the Internet!

Somewhere in my busy schedule I have decided to not only get my butt in gear ad get into shape but to  improve my laziness life all around and attempt my first ever 5k run! So this July my friend Lindsey and I will be putting on our running shoes and running walking our way through the bubble run here in Denver. I have heard it is a fun run that leaves you feeling refreshed rather than dirty and exhausted.

But I am reaching out to my fellow lazy out of shape go-getters and letting you know what is coming. So if you are interested in a fun way to get back out into the world head over to the Bubble Run site and sign up. You can even be on our team- BubbaliousBabes!


Doesn’t this look like a blast in bubbles!?

Stay tuned for an update on the days nearing the bubble run!



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