7 Things to Do When Going Back to College

Hello today!

I know it has been awhile and most of you must miss my constant communication, but with school coming up, and work, and now I’m just making excuses. But I have been busy. I’m hoping to fulfill your needs by doing a couple posts in the next few days.

First thing, an amazing actor and an even better man died recently – Robin Williams. Not only was he well known for his comedy, he brought so much joy to so many lives. His death is nothing short of a horrible tragedy, and I hope and pray that it touches you in a way to bring out your compassion and share some laughter in this world.

As I mentioned school before (yes people I am officially going back to college) I wanted to make a list highlighting some of the things I think you should know before you go back to college.


1. If you’re unlucky like me and do most of the cleaning in your house it will begin to pile up. You will slack off, and your house will look like a tornado hit it. 


Maybe not quite this bad. Photo credit to google images

2. If you find yourself living with roommates, you may want to label your food.


Photo cred google images

3. In a dorm, (or maybe a house depending on your roommate situation) socks will not only be used for your feet. 



Photo credit google images

4. College cost money which means you will be broke. So get use to ramen. Sorry Josh.



Photo cred GI

5. Come finals you might get some new best friends.

energy drinks pic of cans

photo cred GI

6. Get organized with everything. Now unless your that type of person, I wouldn’t say go crazy. But enough that you feel like you can find things when you unpack, or go to class. 


photo cred GI

7. Get on Pinterest and look up studying tips, packing ideas, and living away from home resources. 







Have any more ideas? Let me know!

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