The Despairing Conclusion of GISHWHES 2014

Newly discovered extroverts, Mishamigos, and GISHER’s,


I warned that I would be away working on the Greatest international Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen (GISHWHES for short), and that I hoped when I came back I would be changed. Well, Misha Collins and his scavenger hunt does not disappoint! Though I had read much of the insanity and mayhem that is GISHWHES, I admit I was not prepared. Most defiantly GISHWHES is as it claims- a jaw-dropping scavenger hunt that asks participants to break out of their comfort zones and humiliate themselves. Compiling of nearly 200 items that were challenging, absurd, and quickly made an adrenaline junkie out of me. But all the wacky, wild, creative and down right hilariousness aside, GISHWHES centers around compassion and kindness. My team, Lumptacular, is composed of 15 of the outgoing extroverts I have ever met. Never once was there a complaint, nor a bad thought, not even an ” I would rather not do that.”. In fact, on some of our items we had multiple choices to submit. Although, I have never met these people we share a bond of laughter and embarrassment, and it was an honor.    Here’s a few:


Storm troopers need to be pampered too!


Formal dress made of items only found in the bathroom


Took me awhile but I love the way it turned out! GISHWHES mascots fighting for a winner




When I saw this one I laughed so hard I cried. Looks where the dolls are!

Misha has given the world (or at least the large amount that register) a rare opportunity to pushing the boundaries of our daily routine by simple yet stunning acts of kindness and daring adventures. He has given us a way to open different version of reality- if we make ourselves available to it. Let’s face it, GISHWHES may just be a list of nothing more then a group of people’s ideas, but it is a chance to redefine normal. Maybe GISHWHES could be a chance to realize that life if full of possibilities fueled by our imagination. In Misha’s words, “something happens when we shock ourselves with the unexpected  causes us to pause and for a moment really see the world around us.”

After a week in the trenches, I can honestly say that not only is this the most fun I have had in a long long time, but its also this most I have thought about another person more than myself in a long time. Now, I am not a selfish bitch any more than the next person but in the world today people in general just don’t care.  Signing up for GISHWHES I didn’t expect there to be a softer, more tender side this week-long marathon. I expected weird, I expected crazy, I expected some mayhem. But after this week I have noticed a.. reach in kindness that I hadn’t had before. I want to help people, I want that different version of reality, and I want the chance to redefine normal. I have lost any capability for humiliation and instead have gained a capacity for compassion and generosity along with my teammates..  This week my team have accomplished things that I didn’t think possible like receiving hugs when covered in honey, whipped cream, and syrup just to name one.

My advice for anyone who is even thinking about joining next year? Take the leap and get ready for some side-spilting laughs.

To my team- win or lose, I am proud of us.  (Not that I’m trying to sound like Dean or anything)




Here’s a chunk of photos and a few links to the videos from the week! Which is your favorite?



Misha Collins- This one has nothing to do with GISHWHES, I just think it’s funny!


Four heads each with a different emotion.




Gambling on paper boats


Sucking blood from a donut.


Popcorn Monster




Isn’t he a cutie?


No paint just condiments!


Yes, That is a real tattoo of the Pope.


Zombies need toilet paper too.

falls novel life form


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