Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World has Ever Seen!

Fellow People of the World,

On my journey to live life to its fullest (from this previous post) and enjoy simple pleasures I noted that I may be passing chances to make a fool of myself. At 21, most people can say they have done this a time or two, and I wish I could join them. But in all honesty, I am either far more lazy then all of those people or far less outgoing. I decided to take a stand against not making a fool of myself and join the world’s largest scavenger hunt ran by Misha Collins.

For those of you who live under a rock and don’t watch much of the telly- Misha is a actor who is a series regular for the show “Supernatural”, one of my personal favorites.


8-1-14 when Dean travels 5 years to the…. well fans get the point. Supernatural croatoan day!

The  world’s largest scavenger hunt is not only founded by Misha and ran by him but he also joins the fun. In Misha own words GISHWHES (the nickname of the hunt) is about “creating art, pushing boundaries, perpetrating acts of kindness and, ultimately, redefining our perception of ‘the possible.'”

A list a made up and acted out by teams of 15, and photos or videos are taken, and sent in as proof to be awarded points. Winning team(s) get a grand ol’ prize but the best part is the truly exhilarating joy you get from picking off and attempting items on the list. Now this is my first year doing GISHWHES but  I have seen a few of the past years items- A photo of a stormtrooper cleaning a pool or a nun sliding down a water slide. If you’d like to see what the heck I’m talking about head to the site- here. See. Totally the real deal.

Something happens when we shock ourselves with the unexpected. So maybe this hunt is helping to wake us up from our stupor of normalcy just a little bit. Maybe it’s giving us a chance to remember that the real possibilities open to us at any given moment are limited only by our imagination.  Whatever the reason that thing, that feeling,  boiled inside me and made me sign up for this amazing yet slightly scary hunt I say bring it on!

ALSO, since the hunt is a week long I will be spending all my time wrapped up in its wonder. If I don’t get back right away to a comment or dare I am sorry! I will be back hopefully with hilarious photos and a damn good story to tell.

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Wish me luck,



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