Losing at Bop-it and Other Ways to Live to the Fullest.

Hey Readers,

It’s been awhile, and in my absence it gave me an item for a post. Life is busy. And at 21 I feel like I’m 35 and only getting older.  We spend all day at work only to be tired when we get home, then we eat maybe watch a little TV and then pass out ready to do it all again. If you have kids it’s even crazier throwing getting the ready for school and dinner and bed. Everyone reading this is guilty of going through the motions and not stopping, myself included.

So here’s five ideas that I try and force myself to do at least once a week to keep myself young and make sure my family is a constant and that I’m not just going through the motions of life.


1. Let the important people know they are important. Text your significant other and let them know you’re thinking of them. A simple “I love you” at random can light up their whole day. Or if your a little more into words tell them something like ” I hope there are no hot cougars checking out my fine man today!” A note in a lunch box, writing in lipstick on the mirror. Just remind them that they are important to you.


2. Do something kind for someone you don’t know.  Now this one can be tricky because it can pull you out of your comfort zone but I just remind myself not to over think it. Open a door for a family, give your change to the homeless person on the street, buy lunch for a stranger.


3. Surprise your love ones. Save the last bite of cake for your husband, let your wife pick the show you watch tonight, allow your kids to stay up an extra 30 minutes.


4.Take time to laugh and play.  Sing out loud, dance around, find an old toy/game and laugh at how it used to be the best.


5. Treat yourself. Don’t hold out because you’re on a diet- go ahead and get that ice cream cone. Starbucks in the morning, a cold one after a rough day. Don’t put yourself on the back burner forever.



Losing Gracefully at Bopit to Josh



Your silly friend,



One thought on “Losing at Bop-it and Other Ways to Live to the Fullest.

  1. […] my journey to live life to its fullest (from this previous post) and enjoy simple pleasures I noted that I may be passing chances to make a fool of myself. At 21, […]


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