Doggone, It’s Summer

Readers and Pet Lovers,


As of late, I have taken job up at our local flea market and recently the temperature has gotten HOT. 95 degrees or higher and every weekend it never fails that I see at least 5 dogs either walking on the hot ground or locked in their owners car. Seeing this is like twisting a knife in my gut. I love animals of any kind and just to see people being this cruel for no good reasons is shameful.

Dogs don’t sweat like humans do, they can suffer from a heat stroke much easier than we can. Since this is on my heart I am posting some tips to help pet owners this summer.


Exercise your dog either early or late in the day. All dogs, flat faced breeds especially, can overheat quickly.


Fresh water daily is a must- but consider a small kiddie pool or iced treats/kongs to help with the heat.


Leave dogs in a shaded area during the day if they must be left outside. (And remember the sun movement through out the day.)


*Check the temperature of the ground or sand because if it is too hot for you to touch it is TOO hot for their PAWS! The hot pavement will burn their paws.


*Never leave a dog in a car in temperatures over 70 degrees it is hotter in a car and it can cause heat strokes, brain damage, or death. 




Too much relaxing


Bruno at the dog park



Hank wanting to go for a walk.


Dogs cannot tell you they are in pain but no noticing these things or even worse signs can put your dog in the hospital. It is animal cruelty and personally if I see this I call the police. You will get a ticket or perhaps get your dog taken away, and by that point they don’t deserve an owner like that.


They are people too.


Anyone else have any comments?




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