12 Things Never to Say to a Woman Who Doesn’t Want Kids


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Hello darling readers,

As I am sure most of you have noticed the ever expanding population count and the near future where term “baby boom” will be just, children young adults are having babies. Thirteen and fourteen year olds with their entire lives ahead or woman my age.. Whatever the reasons. I won’t dive too far over the line of what my thoughts are on that subject but I do want to go into the small percent of us women who do not want kids, or can’t have them and are okay with it.

I know from experience how off-setting a person’s comment or question can be when the subject of kids come up. So I have listed all the reasons that come to mind on what you shouldn’t say to a woman who does’t want children.

1. “How does your husband feel about that?”

Shoot. I knew there was someone I forgot to tell.

2. “But you will be so much happier once you have kids.”

Actually,  there are no studies proving people with kiddos are happier. And I’m pretty happy now, and if I had a baby I would be less happy. You know, since I don’t want any. Happiness can be many things for different people, and for me right now it’s a coke, supernatural on tv, and three shedding dogs surrounding me.

3. “Who will take care of you when you get older?”

Probably a nursing home. Like you. Honestly, I could take all the money saved from not having any kids and take my husband and travel the world on one of those cruise ships for years on end. Hell, i hear its even cheaper than a nursing home so I might just take a few trips before I’m too old to enjoy it!
4. “Kids give your life meaning!”

No, kids give YOUR life meaning. Ugh, I hate this one. A ton of other things give my life meaning. A hundred years from now no one will remember any of us, kids or no kids, and I sure hope that kids are the only thing giving your life some meaning.
5. “You should have kids before it’s too late.”
I’m sorry, do you have a crystal ball that looks into the future? First of all, it’s a tad rude to drag or imply my age into the child birthing argument. What, I’m going to turn 32 and run out of eggs only to realize that I want a child? If that is so the it is my problem to worry about with my husband, not yours.  Hell, one day I might look back and marvel at everything I was able to to because I didn’t have kids right off the bat (or at all).
6. “If you’ve never given birth, you don’t know what true pain is.”
Ah, kind fellow that is beyond true.But then it would suck to be you.

7. “What do you have to talk to other people about?”
Absolutely every thing else other than a baby flying out on my va-jay-jay.
8.”But you’d be such a good mother!”
Telling someone who doesn’t want kids that they’d make a good mother is like telling someone who is scared of heights that her hand and eye coordination would mean she’d make a superb pilot. It doesn’t really matter nor does it change their mind.
9.”You don’t know what you’re missing.”
Chances are if she doesn’t know, she doesn’t care.
10. “What do you do all day?”
I do a lot of things, I just do them for myself. I work, I read, I take my dogs to a dog park, I write on this blog. And at the end of the day I get to have a relaxing evening with my husband without having to tell someone to pick up their room or e at their veggies or put them to bed. I have time to myself and time with my family and friends. I don’t need a child to keep me busy.
11. “You’ll change your mind.”

Maybe I will change my mind about having kids, but I’ll never change my mind about you being tacky as hell. If you find yourself about to say this to a childless woman, please punch yourself in the face. It’s  true that a woman could change her mind and want a child, but it is not up to you to tell her or her mind what it will do.

12. “Tick tock! Your biological clock is running out of time!”

Good, that means I’m that much closer to not having to deal with my period. Bring it on, Father Time.



Any other woman able to relate to this post? or have any tacky comments to add? Let me know!





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