Wrong Numbers


As I spent much of my day on the web, I was browsing another blog (one of my favorites) danoah.com and he posted about a random act of kindness he did recently. He sent a text message to over 300 strangers with an upbeat and positive message and then showed his top 20 or so responses.

It got me thinking that everyone in the world is having their own battle and sometimes it only takes a few words to make all the difference. So I took a note out of Dan’s book and sent my own text message to 100 random strangers to see what they would say…



Out of all the people I texted, 85% were just like “who is this?” BUT here are the ones that stuck out to me.

haha This one is great!
IMG_1102 IMG_1103 IMG_1104 IMG_1105 IMG_1106 IMG_1107 IMG_1108 IMG_1109
Titty titty bang bang haha my favorite!
IMG_1111 IMG_1112 IMG_1113 IMG_1114


Have I inspired anyone to randomly text a random number with kind words? Have you done this before?  Have you been the person to get the weird, funny, kind, awkward text?

Let me know by commenting.

yep, right below.

and if you think it’s worth sticking around subscribe.

Have a great Monday 🙂


– Brandy

Love and Life

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