Run Like Adam Levine is at the Finish Line

Happy Tuesday!

Let’s touch base with the glorious and scary art of working out. I know you’re all thinking- “I will get to it soon” but it’s those kind of excuses that allow us to put off getting sweaty. I complied a list of  reasons I want/need  to get off my booty and get it moving. I encourage you to do the same.


1.To feel better than I did yesterday. Working out lifts your mood, confidence, and self- esteem. 

2. So that “since when did you go to the gym?” becomes “damn man, what gym do you go to?”

3. To increase my health, happiness, and over- all stress level. Also, to have glowing skin! (what girl doesn’t want that?)

4. So I can take full body photos and not want to delete any of them because I will feel like a bad ass.

5. To be able to climb the staircases at Hogwarts without having to stop and catch my breath.

6. To be able to run a mile with my dogs (Bird dogs have a lot of energy. Check ’em out here) and not be exhausted.

7. To prove everyone who thinks I can’t do it wrong, especially me. 

8. To remove the word insecurities from my vocabulary.

9. So my abs of steel set the airport metal detectors off. 

10. To work out for ME, because I deserve it and I want to look sexy and know it.


Do any of my reasons match yours?

Do you have a reason to work out that I didn’t list? Tell me!


Also, I came across an app that makes running a little bit funner (that a word?). When the Zombies attack…


Photo credit to pinterest



Stay Awesome,




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