So You Want to be a Writer..


I have started a challenge for myself recently to write at least 300 words a day. Now 300 isn’t a lot, a few paragraphs perhaps. But it is the thought that counts. The fact that my pen touched the paper for a short time. the biggest thing about being a writer is you must write. 

Simple, right? Somehow the act of writing can get thrown into the wind, and put off by excuses. That’s why I chose a small number so that I couldn’t give myself an excuse, and usually after I write writing I don’t want to stop. I have compiled a few tips for anyone else out there that wants to be a writer below.

1. Write to one person. Picture them and all of their secrets, faults, dreams, and goals and write to only them.

2.Be a sadist. No matter how sweet or innocent your main characters are, make awful and horrid things happen to them. That way your reader can see what they are made of.

3. Vomit write first, then edit/revise later. Get everything out on paper first and get the story done. Then spend the countless hours editing and revising.

4. Every character has a secret make your readers want to know what that secret is.

5.Start as close to the end of your story as possible.

6. Write everyday. It doesn’t even have to be good writing just write because that is how you’re going to get better.  A singer only gets better with practice, writing is the same.

7. And as Stephen King said, “Description begins in the writer’s imagination. But should finish in the reader’s.”


Hope these tips helped! If you wanna see more then head over to my Pinterest.

Also, check out my first book of poetry here.


Smith was my last name before I was married in case you were wondering.


Does anyone else have tips or ideas that might help somebody who wants to write? Please share.


Thanks for reading,



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