Hello Peeps!

It is finally Friday! What a crazy week between the cops showing up at my house to people getting fired at work to finding out we may possibly be moving. The last part is actually exciting. If you have read my other blog posts you know that I live in the colorful state of Colorado but ache to get back to Texas. Not a total go yet but it is in the works people.

SO I thought it might be nice to post a bit about moving just some tips and tricks and then get some back from you guys. ‘Cause hey I do not know everything.



Hey its Friday!

Here are some tips and advice that i have found work for Josh and I:

1. Ask yourself a few questions about the things you are packing: do I Need it? Love it? or Use it? If you said no to all three, then don’t hoard it along with you. It makes moving easier with less things and unpacking less stressful when you get to your new place.

Side note: sell your unwanted things! if you are chucking it anyways might as well make some dough.

2. Be organized ( I know it’s tough) and label every box to where it will go in your new place. It makes unpacking easier on you instead of hunting through three boxes looking for you coffee  or worse your toilet paper.

3. While we are on the subject of TP pack a box or a bag for the day of moving, and make sure it has your necessary items in it. TP, tooth brush, phone chargers, some snacks on the way, etc.

4. Packing up the kitchen is my biggest pain (that and under teh bathroom sinks!) If you pack it early and eat off paper plates for a few days it can make the process go a little smoother. So don’t save it til last. Packing tip: Use styrofoam plates between your glass plates instead of individually wrapping them. Or take note from step 1 and get ride of themThey are probably old anyway.

5. Turn drawer hardware inside out. If it has handles that stick out of dressers these can scratch other pieces. Take them out, and re-screw them inside the drawer. You won’t lose the hardware and you will protect other furniture.

6. If you pack a box with liquid mark it. It will save you a headache in the end, and you’ll be more careful about not putting that box in the truck where it could be crushed.

7. Call your utility and service companies  and get all of those switched over to your new house. It would suck to be stuck in the dark for a few days.

Side note: change your address for bills and such so you don;t get behind. And change your mailing address so you get your bills!

8. Collect your moving boxes early. get them from the back of stores, post office, craigslist, heck any where you can get your hands on them. having more than you need sis better than not having enough.

9. Make your arrangements early. Traveling, lodging, pets, kids, for the day of your move. Don’t wait til the last moment and realize you forgot something.

10. Hire some movers. I hear U-Pack is great because they move your things and drive the truck to your destination. That way if you wanna make a few stops along the way you can. personally, I have never hired a mover but I might this time!

11.If your moving out of state, do your research.  Look up the area you might want to live, and housing, and jobs. We are lucky to live where the world is a click away on the internet, use it. Make sure you budget for you move so you don’t get behind.

12. Do a final walk through and make sure you didn’t miss anything.


Does anyone else have advice or tips for me or anyone else planning a move? i would love to hear ’em.  You can comment below or email me at







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