Confessions of a Book Junkie

Good Afternoon Readers,

I know, I know it’s Monday…. I understand. From the time I woke up this morning and saw that it was snowing (in May no less) I have wanted to curl up in from of my fire with warm drink and a good book. Instead, I drug myself outta the house, drove through awful horrid effing traffic( excuse my road rage), and came to work.  All day my mind has drifted to my book that is waiting to me to get dive into… so I thought I would let off some day dream steam and post a blog about being a hardcore rocker book junkie.


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1. Friends, family, and spouses who are not book junkies like you will never understand why you laugh, yell, or cry while reading a book. (which I do.)

2. They will also not understand how you can spend an entire day reading a book, then give up sleep and stay up late reading the same book because it’s just “that good.” (I tend to stay up until I have the book finished which could be at 5 am)

3. I feel personally cheated by the author whenever I read a book with a disappointing ending. (As an author myself, this makes writing difficult. Hunger games, Eragon,and Divergent are just a few)

4. I am the type to put everything off if I am reading a particularly good book. Food, water, and my husband can wait until I have finished my book. (happens A LOT)

5. I get extremely annoyed at people who try to carry on conversations while I am reading a good book. It’s not their fault but I am reading.

6. I spend more money on books that almost anything else. Need new shoes? Nah, I can spend that money on books… Down to only two pair of jeans to wear? Oh well, I can read naked…

7. The books are always better than the movies. More detail and more emotion are added to the book. And I am the type to watch the movie with you and explain all the parts that are missing.

8. They tell you not to judge a book by its cover but I am a sucker for a good book jacket.

 9. I own a kindle and a lot of the books I own are on it. But I prefer owning  a hard cover to owning it on my kindle. I love the smell and look and feel of the pages..

10. I will read almost anything but I generally gear myself towards YA novels.

11. If I really like a book by an author I usually get the rest of the books they have written even if they aren’t the same series.

12. I have a good-reads account but I hardly use it. ( I really want to start a book club)

13. I believe their are two different types of readers. One who reads several books at once. And one who reads a book at a time in order to fully appreciate the book but gets through them rather quickly. I read ’em one at a time.

14. When I am reading I can see everything happening inside my head and I zone out to the outside world.

15. I would love tattoos of my favorite quotes (from books and other sources) all over me as a reminder because all the books I read I can relate to in some way.



photo credit pinterest


Does anyone have any confessions they would like to share? Anyone who can relate to mine?




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