The Art of Shaving

Good ‘morrow,

This post is mostly for me to rants about the Art of Shaving, or rather the Art of men leaving their tiny hairs all over the sink( but that wouldn’t fit in the title).


Photo credit by colorbox because lets face it- I cannot let my sink look this nasty.

Any woman who lives with a man whether it is your lover, brother, or father, knows how unbelievably gross annoying it is to have to clean tiny beard and mustache hairs from the bathroom sink/counter. These women also know that even when you get angry at said man and force them to clean the unwanted mess that they can never seem to get all of them.

Perhaps, all men have a slight issue with their eyesight and cannot see every single hair lingering..

Perhaps, when they clean them up the hairs revolt and jump back to where they were once laying peacefully in the sink.

Perhaps, men just don’t like to clean and leave the mess for women to clean up.

But something needs to be said about their habit of leaving hair shavings everywhere!


Ladies, if you were looking for tips or tricks for smooth legs I am sorry (though, sugar and honey work wonders).


Does anyone else have this problem, or is my husband the messy one?

Does any guy not  do this? I would love some photos!


Thanks for listening to my rants,




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