The Missing Sock…

Hello fellow readers, bloggers, and internet addicts!


Happy Monday(rather as happy as it can be for a Monday..) Today, after receiving the wonderful awaited(not) letter in the mail, I had jury duty. After sitting for a few hours and being told that jury duty was my right and all the courthouse workers were grateful for me, I was told that I could go home and would not be picked (aw darn).

I decided to go home and do some of the house work I have been putting off. Folding laundry was one of those many things. I began with piles half as tall as me, I trugged(which is totally a word) through the dark forrest of pants, waded pasts the pools of shirts, and after what felt like hours I neared the end of the journey at the small mountains of undies and socks.

Time pasted slowly, but I was able to make it through until I was at my last sock. Last sock! Socks come in pair, and I begun my search for this last socks sole mate… I moved my neatly folded piles, I got on the floor, I walked downstairs and checked the laundry room.



The last sock


Finally, I was forced to comes to terms that the dryer lint is the cremated remains of the missing sock… but not just this missing sock, all of the missing socks. I don’t think I have ever done one load of laundry and had all of the sock pairs. I must put this sock aside in hopes one day its mate will return… If it was snowy outside I would just assume my dogs had a day of fun like this persons..





I must go back to the chores.. Does anyone else have this problem?? Anyone know where their socks go? Is there some sock bar I can go to I need a matching sock and a drink





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