The 15-Second Kissing Challenge


One of the most famous kisses of all time

Hello Readers!

After 2 years, pecking has become a habit for us (my husband and I). We always say hello, and most of the time I am the one that goes over and kisses him. Quick and sweet.  Before we used to kiss each other passionately. We kissed like we meant it, and we kissed a lot.

For the most part, a kiss became routine for us like so many other things in our life. Like saying “I love you” when you hang up the phone. Until I took the challenge that is.

The kissing challenge has been around for years. There are books written on it, and people talking about it. Why? Because it works. (Read the Love Dare)

There’s a story about a young man who’s been married for seven years. His wife is incredible, his kids are great, and things are going well for them. For the most part his marriage is good, but something is lacking. The passion is gone and he doesn’t know why.

One day he decides to bring up the topic of marriage with his father. If anyone had a great marriage it was his mom and dad. Married over 30 years, his parents still held hands when they walked and still smiled at each other like two teenagers in love.

“Dad, what’s your secret?” he asked. “Why is your marriage so strong when so many others are failing?”

Taking off his watch, he passed it to his son who turned it around to read the inscription. “15 seconds everyday ~ no less.”

“I got this watch from my father,” he said, “and now I’m giving it to you. Kiss her 15 seconds every day. No less. Come back to me in a month and tell me if it doesn’t make a difference.”

Could 15 seconds make a difference? I wanted to try it out.

I waited for Josh to get home from work (which is a lot of waiting, lately he is working long hours). When he walked through the door I  approached him, leaned in, and he responded as usual quick peck on the lips. But as he pulled away I grabbed the back of his neck and held his lips to mine.

Who knew that one little kiss could make such a big difference? But dang, I wish he turned it around and do the challenge on me! (Josh, dear, if you are reading hint hint..)

If you want to bring passion back into your marriage, then I encourage you to take this kissing challenge.

Kiss each other for about 15 seconds each day. Don’t put on a timer or start counting the seconds, just be in the moment long enough for a lingering passionate kiss that says I’d marry you all over again.

Side note- I do realize that not everyone who reads this post is married (happily or not) but don’t be discouraged! This could work for a fresh new relationship or maybe one you have been in for years. In fact, the famous photo atop this post was by two complete strangers. Keep heart and try it anyways!

Then, let me (and fellow readers) know if this challenge worked for you. I would love to know!


Happy Kissing,




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2 thoughts on “The 15-Second Kissing Challenge

  1. Martha Iñiguez July 16, 2015 at 3:11 AM Reply

    Me and my girlfriend were together today and I leaned in and kissed her, I did it for a very long time and there was just a connection with it, at first when we starting kissing we only pecked, but after that intimate kiss we don’t do that anymore, we have a spark now and it’s all because of more time:)


    • Brandy July 16, 2015 at 7:37 PM Reply

      It’s amazing what happens when you take a little more time! Glad to hear things are working out and thanks for reading:)


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