Doggy Digging: A Call For Help


Look familiar? ( this pooch is not one of my own but they are too sly at digging for me to catch them in teh act! Photo

Fellow Dog Lovers (and other readers alike), 


At 6 months, Newt (my white GSP) is still in her devious puppy stage. Over the last two weeks she has found a new way to bug the crap outta me (and Josh, and Our roommates) by digging up the backyard!

Since our roommates have a very small dog they both can fit out and roam the streets, which of course scares me even more…

Things I have tried to break the habit-

– Piling things (such as rooks or boards or bricks) against the walls of the fence to stop her (this doesn’t work because she moves the items or moves where she wants to dig)

– Getting a chain and tying her up (this doesn’t work because she can still dig around where she is tied)

-Putting dog poop into the holes she has dug then covering with dirt (this one is from my mom and works on some dogs they will stop because they don’t like the smell- this doesn’t work because she just digs there or changes her digging spot)

Things I don’t want to try- 

-Locking her inside or in a kennel because she will pee in the house or the kennel and she is almost potty trained

-Screwing wood to the bottom of the fence(Josh’s idea)

-Creating a digging spot for her to dig

Things I need to try-

-Chicken wire (though I think she might be able to move it.)


Any readers have dogs that dig? Do you have any tips or tricks that might help a sista out? Please comment or contact me!!

Need more tips for your pooch? Look out for more posts and check out this website:






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