CAREFUL! It’s addicting..

Hello bloglanders!

Today is Throwback Tuesday for me.. you see I was lost of shear boredom when I remembered back in high school there was a game that swept through my rather small school like AIDS… The Impossible Quiz!!



Photo credit from google!

In a matter of days everyone was playing this game trying to best it.. there was one classmate of mine who was farther than the rest of us, Leigh Ann, who took the game by storm and beat it! Sadly, I was never able to follow her footsteps. But today I googled the game for another try.

As I played I successfully aided my co-workers in becoming just as addicted to beating it as I. I was able to reach question 101 and get no further and none at work were able to pass my score.. fellow readers I offer you a challenge.. Can anyone beat my score?

I urge you to be careful as you contemplate my task as the game is as addicting as it is silly and foolish. (like candy crush or flappy bird)


Funny right?

That being said, I also urge you to try!

Click here if you dare- The Impossible Quiz

Comment below if you pass or complete the quiz or heck even try it and realize you hate it! let me and fellow readers know. And happy gaming!




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