Pet waistline!

Hello today, 

Readers I’m reaching out for a topic that is usually over looked by the wide mass of owners who feed their pets too much. Today while at Wal-mart I seen a dog and their owner–

which let’s just touch that topic for a moment. Wal-mart is not a place for pets, unless it is a seeing- eye dog or something of similar nature. PEOPLE PLEASE it is wal-mart, is getting a glimpse of you hanging out of your own clothes not enough??

— anyways, this dog was way over weight.(Like the way Jared from subway use to look) To the point where I felt sorry for it. There are limits guys! We need to raise positive awareness of the importance of weight management.

dogs waist

Check out this image and compare!


Want some more info? Check out another blog Dawg Business.

And hey if you wanna send a photo of your pets waist, go for it!





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