Our Unexpected Journey

When Josh and I got married I was 19 and he was 22, and we had set in our minds our idea of life. We saw an adventure with one exciting thing after the next. Our lives would be filled with success stories of our action & adventure type lifestyle. We wouldn’t be bored, we would take control of our lives, live them to the fullest and every one would be amazed. We would live out a John Green novel mixed with action. (the movie UP comes to mind).. .

It wasn’t long before  living in the real world hit us like a brick, and for us to figure out that our view of life was far fetched and naive. We have jobs, we have roommates, we have bills, we have problems. We’re not traveling to London or touring the world or having high tech jobs. We’re making ends meet and living pay check to pay check. Not quite the adventure we had in mind as newlyweds, though we don’t have kids per say (pets not included). On the scale of living life to the fullest we are somewhere in the middle.
We have debt, and have been following a tight budget so that one day we may say we are debt free. We bought a house, at a young age it tends to be difficult, and we have more room than we know what to do with. With our extra room we get roommates (this will be another post entirely), so that way its an easy way to get some extra cash and fill the otherwise empty rooms. And I (sadly) am the one that changes jobs like I change the sheets.  Some are great but too far from our house, some are awful and I leave. Some are just there and I’m just there…. Josh luckily stays at the same job and he likes what he does.
Though, our life is nothing like we planned it still has its moments. Josh still makes me laugh every day. My dogs bring bright moments the only way dogs can, and we work around the odds and ends of our life to get to a better place… one where maybe one day London might be possible.
One of my all time favorite quotes is from Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow… “It’s not the problem that is the problem, it’s how you look at the problem.”
So first find someone who makes you laugh, and that will make all the problems and everything unexpected that life throws your way worth it.

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