Meet my Furry Family!


This post I am going to show you my pets and brag (pretty much).



He’s three years old this October and is a champion pure bred English bull dog. He drools in puddles and he snores worse than my husband (sorry hun!), but he is the sweetest dog.


Wedged in



My second oldest who will be two this October. He is a pure bred german shorthair pointer (a.k.a. bird dog) and he is our fly dog. Hank lives in his own world most of the time trying to catch flies or other bugs that you don’t see. He’s very perceptive and loves to run.  He tends to sleep with Newt at the end of our bed slowly pushing Josh and I off.


Passed out on the couch



Newt was just added to the family and she is 6 months old(I know all of our dogs are born in October). She is a total puppy. She loves to play and to cuddle (your face, no kidding). She is also pure bred GSP.



Here she is with Hank

Mentioned I have a cat but she doesn’t like to be photographed! We call her Ro and she is in love with Josh (so she doesn’t like me much). Here she is playing wit the dogs:



Butt shot!




Well there you have it. Anyone else have pets? I would love photos!




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