He liked it so much, He put a ring on it!


I think that in order to talk about marriage at a young age I need to give you a little bit of background info. This post will give you the baseline love story of Josh and I. So if you’re not into gushy, please feel free to skip this post and move to the next one.

When we first met it was while we were working at a hospital in Amarillo, Texas. We both worked the night shift, and every woman there thought he was good looking. When I first saw Josh I thought eh. Silly me! At the time I was dating someone else and he was engaged( I know shocking, right?) But we got along and we even flirted. Four months later he was cheated on and for him that was a deal breaker. About the same time I broke up with my then boyfriend and I tried to comfort Josh, as a friend. (nothing fishy yet!)

The first night he invited me over we were going to watch a movie ( The matrix, which I still haven’t seen) and his ex came to his place with a friend. She banged on the front door for awhile during which I was telling Josh “you should tell her in” and “we are just friends” and asking what he saw in her( can you blame me?)… Low and behold she and her friend were drunk.

She then realized we weren’t going to open the door and went around to the back patio. Josh lived in an apartment on the ground floor at the time, and she decided she would climb over the fence that lined his patio, grab a shovel that was there, and shatter the glass patio door. Yup, she shattered the glass and came into his apartment.

She let her drunken friend in the front door and started to throw tiles (from the coffee table) at me, which I then made a bee line for the bathroom door and locked myself in. Josh held the two women back as they tried to break down the bathroom door (nearly did too, it was off it’s hinges) all the while they were screaming profanities, death threats, and such. Of course, I called the police but they ran out just before they arrived. Josh had some bruising, I was shaken up, and the cops were floored she shattered the glass patio door.

For some reason, I stayed with Josh and shortly after that night we started officially dating (his ex was never arrested). I was living with him about a week into dating (okay I may be a little crazy), at two weeks Josh and I were wrestling and he sat on my chest and farted. Yup two inches from my face and he just let it rip.It was the only time a guy was that comfortable with me. I got up and chased him and as he grabbed my hands to stop me from hitting him he told me he loved me.

Granted, most people would assume this was too fast. Most people would be correct. I didn’t say it back that night (props for me) but I did shortly after. Josh found ways to show me what love meant. He brought me flowers even though I told him not to, he stayed up talking to me for hours about nothing, he opened doors for me, took me on my first real date to the movies, and he even let me drive his truck (I was known for my bad driving). Josh was a John Green novel. He was with me when I published my first book, and when I told him I missed Colorado ( I grew up here) we packed up and moved across state.

Two months into our relationship, on Valentines day, he asked me to marry him. Here’s photographic evidence of how ecstatic I was:


After he popped the question. Look at that smile!


Six months in, we were married. (Check on my about page to see a few photos!)

Thanks to our wonderful families, we flew to Jamaica for our honeymoon. Here’s Josh with an awesome hat.


On our honeymoon in Jamica


Now, we are two years (almost) into our marriage, and we have been through the wringer. From many job changes, to buying a house, then getting pets, then having to take two of those pets for surgery, to more job changes, to roommates. It’s a lot. I hope to touch on the big lessons, and help some other couple down the road!


Here we are now


If you stuck around and read through this long post, I thank you.


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