Brand New

Hello! My name is Brandy and I have decided to take the leap into blogland, head first I may add, and start up my own blog.

You may have noticed my page is pretty skimpy at the moment- well that due to this is my first post! I hope soon it will be large and in charge (kidding, mostly).  My goal is to entertain, to inspire, and to help out and hoping if I’m doing this blog thing right, all of you will entertain, inspire, and help me out to.  Most of my posts will consist of ideas or rants, or tips about pets, married life, and home decor but sometimes  I might get a little off topic and that post will go into my everything in between tab.

I choose the name quirkyginger (with the help of my hubby) because it pretty much describes me. I am particular and unexpected and of course I have been cursed or blessed (depending on if you agree with the TV show South Park) with red locks.

Bearing all that in mind, I do hope you will subscribe to my blog and see what’s next for this quirky ginger.




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