Hello Readers,

Well. We did it. We finally did it. We sold our house and bought an RV. Well, technically, it’s a 5th wheel– a Montana High Country– but both of those are just so much longer to say. It’s a mouthful. Nevertheless, as any majestic vessel must have (apparently it’s tradition in the RV life to name your new home) we have decided on a new and improved name.


We’ve been living in it about a month, and I am sorry it’s taken me so long to post about it. We sold the house, I graduated college, and my Etsy shop started really kicking off so it’s been insanely busy with all that and the move and adjusting.

I gotta say… I love it. Sure, it’s smaller but we never did anything with all that space. Our three dogs are never farther than five feet from us anyways. While we trip over them a bit more, and the hair is everywhere, it really is wonderful and… eye-opening.

Our first week, we had to jimmy-rig something to level our 42′ 5th wheel without a truck or a hitch. Don’t ask why we were foolish enough to be in that situation, instead enjoy this lovely photo in the moment.


Yes, that’s exactly what you think it is. And yes, it was very dangerous to allow the full weight of our new home to be balancing on that… But it worked! We learned several lessons that day.  I find the more days pass, the more something completely random and out of left field pops up. It’s a good way to keep the spice in your life and to learn to roll with the punches.

As for the name, we’re calling her–  El Dorado.  Great movie but for those who are sure, Google’s definition of El Dorado is A: a city or country of fabulous riches held by 16th-century explorers to exist in South America and 2: a place of fabulous wealth or opportunity.

A place of opportunity. Doesn’t that just sound like heaven in today’s world? Real opportunity. We can take her anywhere. We can be off grid. We can store her away and move into something else. Endless choice. And wealth can be in more than just money to me.

Now, it’s not a city or country but heck if she makes us rich along the way, hey you won’t hear me complain. Though, El Dorado is still sorta a mouthful. So maybe El for short.

If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.

-Milton Berle



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